How you always get exactly what you want from other people as an entrepreneur throughout your life!

The power of persuasion: SUPRA Technology® ensures that you never again have to leave a conversation disappointed or maybe even angry. Instead, you will always get exactly what you want immediately, stress-free and time-saving!

win negotiations • convince investors • avoid divorces

Learn a system within a 1:1 training how to start as an expert in persuasion. To ensure that you always get exactly what you want. Inform yourself now.

  • decide negotiations on your own conditions
  • select the perfect employees
  • save a massive amount of time in conversations
  • increase popularity and appreciation

Are you successful compared to other people?
But you still want more power, influence and freedom?

And maybe you've been thinking for a while about boosting your closing ratio – especially on the big, really important deals – much closer to 100%?

The good news: it's possible! You already know there are thousands of people out there just waiting to benefit from your special know-how.

However, until now it sometimes looked as if one or the other was not really listening to you. You had the feeling to talk against a wall – although you had exactly THE solution, which would have helped him or her.

Save yourself the often months-long negotiations in the future, when it comes to securing major orders or investments.

Because we show you how to bring your communication to an absolute expert level. So that you can reach the deciders who need your offer most urgently, with ease and much faster than ever before.

But most of all, getting your employees to do finally what you want them to do. So that you can rely on them and get your maximum fulfillment financially, as well as professionally and privately.

With a system and recurring, day after day. Professionally and privately.

Our trainings are as simple as painting by numbers. Discover for yourself and bring immediately more prosperity, security and appreciation into your life.

"But Raphael, I always get what I want!"

Did you really always get exactly what you wanted? In every sales call? With all your advertising slogans? When delegating tasks to your employees? During onboarding of your customers you never have to explain everything three times? In every negotiation with investors? When discussing with the neighbors or in the family? When submitting an application to a public authority? In every court case? With the meter maid who issued you a ticket right under your nose? Or even as a customer on a support hotline?

Why should you still benefit from our program as a professional?

Because it goes so deep into entrepreneurial psychology like no other communication-, personality training or any personality test you've heard of.

SUPRA technology® is made to enhance the professional: 98% of all entrepreneurs and lawyers out there don't even know that such a thing even exists.

Imagine what you would do if you unexpectedly found yourself in a situation tomorrow, in which a single person would decide about your life. Would you rely with a calm conscience on your previous experiences or learned negotiation techniques?

With our training you will be massively superior in all conversations, negotiations and interpersonal relationships!


You should be an entrepreneur, self-employed, politician or lawyer that we can help you.

  • You want something from someone, but you don't get it.
  • It makes you angry that some people don't listen to you properly.
  • You should know the inner pain which is breaking you.
  • You need the ability to ask if you don't understand something.
  • You need an open mind and the acceptance of something new.
  • You need willpower. Nothing changes without your own commitment.



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