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Raphael makes sure, that you get exactly what you want in your next conversation. No matter if it's a big deal, a pitch in front of investors or the meeting with a specific person on your mission. Reading people and convincing them is his expertise.

  • Raphael enforces your interests
  • with a system which always works
  • quickly and reliably in person or through video call


Raphael conducts the conversation or, if you wish, accompanies you discreetly from the background during decisive phases. Your conversation partner won't notice anything about it.


He works with a system based on scientifically proven and psychological methods, as well as over 20 years of experience. His success rate in the last 12 months is practically 100%.


Raphael does not manipulate or destroy relationships through aggressive negotiations – on the contrary: he works sustainably for mutually appreciative and trusting cooperation.


His SUPRA technology® works immediately and saves you a lot of time in the conversation. So that you can dedicate yourself to what you really enjoy – your core competence.

results of
the cooperation

Raphael supports you or conducts the conversation in order to achieve your desired goal. This gives you predictable entrepreneurial security, because you can concentrate solely on your core competence.

measurably more revenue and / or massive savings

significant time savings due to perfected process

you will convince guaranteed with your request


Are you still unsure, whether Raphael really brings you to your goal?

You can clarify this quickly and easily in a non-binding and free consultation. There you will find out which options are available to you and which problems must be avoided in any case.

Raphael is not an insubstantial trainer, rather he uses this system on a daily basis in his own network, which deals with collector’s edition cars in the 6 to 8-figure US dollar range.

If you still don't have time for a totally crazy hobby, then you're definitely playing below your potential as an entrepreneur.

Talk to Raphael and find out about your possibilities.
That you don't loose the freedom and security you are entitled to.

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Do you want to learn the ability
to persuade all the time?

Do you finally want to be able to sleep peacefully at night again? Or go on vacation without having to worry all the time that your company will be screwed at home during these few days?

Maybe you are a lawyer or politically active, and would like to convince the responsible decision-makers of your concern at any time. And the best thing would be to be able to do the whole thing even much easier and faster than before.

You may even have the feeling at home that your partner sometimes doesn't really listen to you. Also to the kids you can say what you want. But it looks and feels like you are talking to a wall.

Our world is running a bit faster every day. People around you are getting better and better. It is time for you to make a decision now. Only you can determine that your future will change in a positive way.

Because your competition trains already.

frequent questions:

Does this offer apply only to a certain type of conversations?

No. Raphael accompanies you to every conversation where it is really important for you to get exactly what you want. This can be e.g. negotiations with investors, business partners or even authorities and ministries. You will profit massively from his proven working processes in every conversation.

In addition, he also supports you in price negotiations for larger orders or business transactions such as the purchase or sale of real estate. Even in the private sector, deadlocked and seemingly hopeless situations can be brought back on track.

Is Raphael's assistance and SUPRA technology® training different?

Yes. If you need a quick one-time solution, Raphael's assistance is the right thing for you. He accompanies you personally or through video call to the required conversation, and actively supports the discussion to the scale you need.

SUPRA technology® training is the process that enables you to learn his skills. To avoid a failure of really important conversations in your future life.

How long does the training take?

SUPRA technology® training is designed for a duration of 8 weeks. To complete it in this period, you should invest about 30 to 60 minutes per day. To ensure that you don't miss anything and that you have enough time to really internalize the method with all its details, you will be fully accompanied by Raphael and his professional team everyday for 12 months.

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